Tuesday, March 15, 2005


First off, let me say that I thank everyone who actually took the time to read this site, and I especially appreciate those who took the time to tell me so. And, yes, I even appreciate the input of the ones who were kind enough to share their different views of my posts as well as me as a person. You see, I threw this up months ago on a whim, being someone who was fascinated with what was going on in the American political arena who wanted to offer their contribution to the so-called "debate" that was raging in these here United States at the time. Unfortunately, as this political saga unfolded, rather than bring out the best in us as a nation it seemed to play up what was the worst in us. I won't elaborate on that, I'll just say that what is done is done and its time for us to MOVE ON (heh). I have no intention of changing my views or position, but I intend to continue to try to work with anyone who desires to work for the good of man in this country and every other. There are things that we have seen in ourselves that need to be changed for the better, and I pray that "We The People" will always strive to make this a country that seeks positive change here and abroad, and that we do that in a spirit of compassion and not arrogance. Whether or not we will be able to accomplish that under our present political leaders remains to be seen, but the power has never been in the government has it? The Constitution of these here United States claims that our government is elected "of, by and FOR the people" and we the people are supposed to do all we can to make it so. I for one will continue to do that, and I pity those who think they can deter me by slandering me or my views.

Now, as for the long delay between posts? Well, somehow when i upgraded Windows XP on my laptop it caused a problem that prevented me from accessing this site at all. Since I prefer talking to people one on one in person to posting blurbs in cyberspace I kinda drifted away from it for months and had actually forgot about it completely until a few people in a chat room I frequent began to make mention of it after clicking the link in my profile. Since all the posts were over 6 months old - and would have been archived anyway had I kept up with the blog regularly - I went ahead and deleted them all. Old news. Like I said, I've moved on. I would hope that others would do the same rather than gloat in what they might perceive as a "victory."

Speaking of so-called victories, the whole political thing from last November 2004 here in America reminds me of an old analogy I heard in church: A preacher once asked "If a dog and a skunk got into a fight, who would win?" His answer was "well, the dog would win, but they'd both come out smelling just the same." There are some things more important than winning. Things like integrity. Honesty. Compassion. Forgiveness. Patience. Mutual Respect. And, if we never learn how to acquire these things in our lives.....well, then something just stinks........

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Wow swole didn't know this side about you. awesome... very nice..

Have you thought of becoming a philosopher?... I think you got it in you...loool

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