Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama 'nem ain't playin' with you, Mitt.

Yesterday, while commenting at PragObots, I said this:

Mitt thinks he can play the dozens with a brother who cut his organizing teeth in Altgeld gardens and married a sister from the hood.
I'm tellin' y'all, he brought a down pillow to a gun fight.
I followed that up in the same thread with this:
They are scurred, ma.
Even Mitt's own party is starting to pressure him into releasing his returns. The poor Black Republicans like Nia Malika can't help but show up on TV with creased foreheads and bustdown bedhead because they ain't slept well since the first day that Uppity Socialist Kenyan Negro in the Oval Office who shot bin Laden in the face went and dared upset Massa Thurston Romney III. Now, the Romney camp's got an entire weekend ahead of looking over their shoulder waiting for President Obama to throw his next haymaker straight to the fat part of Mitt's shiny animatronic dome. They're too outclassed to know what to expect next, but we all know its comin'.
So just chill....until the next episode.
Today, OFA released this:

Down pillow to a gun fight, indeed.


Sharoney said...

Bwahahahaha! Loving it. Wish I could repeat the entire post on Twitter.

MRSjavin bur said...
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